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Layers of a PLN

Educators must be resourceful and self-manage their own professional development 2.0 if they are to keep updated , innovative and refreshed. The ability to now connect with other professionals around the world means you have access to a range of creative and reinvigorating ideas. I am rating Twitter more and more now after seeing the benefits of starting to use it as an integral tool in my PLN.


Short and to the point. Tweets offer a 140 character insight into the person’s thinking or webpage they are offering. Like-minded professionals are personally participating in a community of PD and sharing their wealth of knowledge. They are exploring dynamic, personal pedagogy and contributing the sum to the community’s conscious and knowledge.

This is how I personalize my PLN and make it meaningful for me. I seek out those who might offer valuable insights or a new way of thinking. I hear about their best practices and feel energized in my own teaching. Collaboration is ever present as you tweet at each other to share personal thoughts in an effort to solve a problem, share a question or just to provide a little bit of inspiration. #hashtags organize and in turn personalize tweets for a user driven experience. You can search


My version of piggybacking. What I’m referring to here is using the resources you deem valuable and seeing the resources that they deem valuable. It seems that just about all educators on Twitter must be following @edutopia, the twitter account for the website of the same name, and another popular one is @cybraryman1. I started to follow them and I then saw them re-tweeting others and I check out the original source of the retweets. If they have some interesting tweets, I follow them. I’ve just piggybacked my way and chose those that will engage my interests. The tweets will come in thick and fast so be selective.


So you see, PLNs to me can be visualized as a parfait. Thanks to Donkey for my inspiration here. I check Twitter and find an interesting tweet. I click and find an interesting article. I like to click once more if I can and follow the train of thought that got me there in the first place. So I’ve just done the two clicks (maybe more) and I’ll bookmark or follow on Twitter if something struck a chord with me. I go back to Twitter and start the process again, thus building up the layers of my PLN. Short and sweet but repetitive building layers upon layers.

Unfortunately, this is the era of cutbacks and shortages. Budgets are being slashed and there is nothing professional, nor anything developed, within a lot of workplaces. With Twitter, I am getting ahead; getting the most out of teaching; getting the most out of learning. And I’m making some awesome desserts at the same time…


Originally posted April 24, 2011 http://www.digitalemerge.net/#/layers-of-a-pln/4550827977

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