Re: iPads

 Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious after a while. That’s because they were able to connect their experiences and synthesize new things.”

Steve Jobs, Wired Magazine February, 1996

What a great quote by the late Steve Jobs. On the one hand, there is pure creativity born out of a genesis of inspiration. On the other hand, there’s creativity that is within reach of everyone. Take a desire, add some ideas generated from different experiences, some motivation and guidance, some tools with which to create and voilà. I strongly believe the all-in-one iPad aids and supports the creative process.

With my role as a teacher with classes where all students have iPads, I am observing more and more creativity from students and within my lessons. I wouldn’t say that my lessons weren’t creative pre-iPads. As a teacher I’ve always noticed my resourcefulness and creativity with resources and technology at my disposal. But I would say that what I asked of students was less creative than lessons today that include the iPad.

After writing a number of posts now, I have reflected on them and written this page. A reoccurring theme in my reflection is one of creativity and it jumps out at me. Here’s some musings that reflect on the iPad.

Playing a Symphony with the iPad

In this post I reflect on my reading of Dan Pink’s book A Whole New Mind. I focus on only two of the aptitudes: play & symphony.

Looking into Creativity

I mull over creativity in teaching and learning and specifically reflect on tasks and assessments that involve creativity.

Five Changes I’ve Seen in Teaching & Learning with the iPad

This is a reflection on my department, colleagues, students and me. The changes I note are 5) Changing the discussion, 4) Connectivity, 3) Steamlined, 2) Variety of tasks and assessments; 1) Student Creation.

iPad: All-in-One & Workflows

I identify two aspects of the iPad and explore them through my experiences with the iPad.

Connecting iPads & Field Trips

I believe that more effective learning is likely to happen from authentic resources and experiences. The iPad can bring the outside in.

Flipped Learning & Motivation: The Sequel

This sequel carries on the conversation of flipped learning and motivation to offer suggestions on both. Examples include my use of the iPad.

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