Action Research


“The clever man will tell you what he knows; he may even try to explain it to you. The wise man encourages you to discover it for yourself, even though he knows it inside out.”

Revans (1980), quoted in Action Research, Principles and Practice, McNiff, 1988, 52

Footprints by Dru!

Footprints by Dru!

Action Research is quintessential to education and can be an influential and powerful tool. It could be a one-off small inquiry into a specific aspect of teaching or learning or it could be a large-scale effort to provide answers or solutions to a problem or provide systematic investigation into a particular phenomenon. Regardless action research can be a vehicle for formative change and is something that I complete. Hey, you never know where it is going to take you but the journey is fulfilling.

Below is a list of action research articles that I have completed on a number of areas that puzzled me at the time. The action research has provided results to my research objectives and my aim is to share these with you. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

Can Podcasting Play a Role in e-Learning? Part 1

This action research included a survey of teachers (n=11) who have studied a distance learning course. The research article looked at

What are the characteristics of student created educationally beneficial podcasts?

Can Podcasting Play a Role in e-Learning? Part 2

This action research included a survey of teachers (n=11) who have studied a distance learning course. The research article looked at

Could podcasting be one component in a course to reduce feelings of isolation in e-Learning?

Digital Literacies

An area of all classes that will grow as more students will need digital literacies in order to learn, study, work and live. What literacies did teachers feel were most needed? Through a survey and interviews, I found out more…

Flipped Learning & Motivation

This action research looks at observations from the classroom to describe motivation when using the principles of flipped learning.

Flipped Learning & Motivation: The Sequel

This second part of action research follows on by describing the types of tasks and successes in terms of motivation.


 Reappropriate [v]:  to re-purpose something in a way that it is unintended by the designer.

untitled by risa-i

untitled by risa-i

 A Reappropriation of is a series of investigations of ICT, be they websites, hardware, or software, and how they could be used in a different contexts. In this case I am analyzing ICT that wasn’t specifically designed for education but reappropriating them for educational contexts.

The below are scoping statements which reveal my thought processes on how I would reappropriate and integrate different ICT by thinking about the socio-cultural, pedagogical and technological factors involved. These might be considered a plan or disciplined reflection and my aim is to encourage all educators to reflect on the reappropriation process before they use ICT in their classrooms. Surely time spent in thought is time spent on ensuring effective integration.

A Reappropriation of Übernote

A Reappropriation of Smart Phones

A Reappropriation of Propaganda

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