Nicholas’ Resume

Nicholas Yates

Nicholas Yates

P.O. Box 144534 Abu Dhabi, UAE :: +971 50 905 9754

yates.n.a @ gmail dot com :: :: @digitalemerge 

Apple Distinguished Educator – Class of 2013 Europe, India and the UAE

Apple Professional Developer – Cohort of 2014 UAE

eLearning Guild Member (2013 – current)


Highlights of Qualifications

Specializes in designing teaching and learning with the iPad to transform the learning experience in the classroom and faculty development.

Is experienced in designing and reviewing online and blended learning courses that engage students in active learning tasks through synchronous and asynchronous technologies.

Utilizes appropriate pedagogical strategies to meet curriculum and learning objectives and student needs.

Is adaptable and knowledgeable across multiple disciplines within educational technology, mobile learning, and second language learning.

Engages actively in action research and formative assessment to inform classroom teaching and learning, preparation and decision-making (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning).

Employment Experience

Zayed University (ZU), Abu Dhabi, UAE (2009 – current)

  • Instructional Designer, Center for Educational Innovation (2013 – current)
  • College of Technological Innovation – Technical Communication Course CIT300 Instructor (Semester 2, 2012-13)
  • Faculty Fellow (Faculty Development), Center for Educational Innovation (2012 – 2013)
  • Academic Bridge Program (ABP) Instructor (2009 – 2013)
  • ICT Committee Coordinator
  • ABP Level Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
  • Professional Development Committee Member
  • IELTS Specialist – Zayed University and Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.

Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS), Tokyo, Japan (2006 – 2008)

  • International Communication Department Instructor
  • Professional Development Committee Coordinator
  • CALL Research Group Member
  • Administrator and ELC Liason for Moodle and ICT Department
  • Peer Observation Group Member

Professional Experience

Design and Technology

Designs online learning instruction, systems and pedagogy and also integrates online learning pedagogy with mobile and information communication technologies. Designs eLearning resources that are engaging and transformational with programs like Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate that are SCORM Compliant. Reviews and redesigns curriculums for emerging digital pedagogy with mobile learning technologies. Utilizes and integrates the iPad to integrate language skills and promote student creation and production in tasks, challenges and projects. Designed technology integration plans for podcasting and wikis in higher education. Researched and planned the reappropriation of emerging digital technologies such as podcasting software, Twitter, Layar augmented reality software for mobile devices, and Übernote online note taking system. Created and employed a needs analysis to feed into SMARTboard discussions for the training and support of faculty. Administered the Moodle LMS for over 65 faculty at KUIS. Assisted in course generation, course template creation, assessment development and liasing with server hosts and IT department.

Educational Leadership

Uses evidence based practice (SoTL) to influence instructional design and teaching by completing action research for formative feedback and researching to inform me. Leads individual faculty professional development and training for the iPad pilot. Mentors new faculty through their initial probation period by encouraging discussion in ICT and pedagogy. Specific areas include classroom management, student motivation, lesson planning, curriculum mapping, ICT integration, and assessments. Resolves and troubleshoots ICT related issues, including BlackBoard, liaising, actively searching and analyzing the problems to find and provide workable solutions. Facilitated and guided faculty in SMARTboard discussions by mentoring their learning/acquisition of interactive whiteboard knowledge and skills and subsequent integration into their language teaching and learning activities and lesson planning. Oversaw the transition and future implementation of a new curriculum and assessment for an ABP level coordinating with management and faculty. Lead and formed the ICT Committee (ABP) and collaborated to develop a committee vision, mission statement and goals. Coordinating members towards progress in meeting these goals.

Curriculum and Assessment

Is certified by Quality Matters to design and review blended and online courses. Guided and informed changes on new curriculum and assessment leading up to the development of an e-textbook created in iBooks Author. Active member for the ABP Academic Affairs Committee responsible for reviewing ABP program curriculum and assessment proposals and editing and suggesting changes based on committee and faculty feedback. Coordinated a level community of ABP faculty and assisted with organizational and operational issues as well as the level’s implementation of the curriculum and assessment. Facilitated and supervised pilot faculty designed content courses with assessments for new curriculum program.


Quality Matters Institute (2014)

  • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Certificate
  • Designing your Blended Course Certificate

Apple Professional Developer (2014)

Apple Distinguished Educator 2013 (Class of Europe, India and the Middle East)

Queensland University of Technology (2011-2012) Master of Education (Information and Communication Technology)

Macquarie University (2005) Post-Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education (ESL and Japanese Studies)

University of New South Wales (2003) Master of Arts (Teaching English as a Second Language) 1999 – 2002

University of New South Wales Bachelor of Arts(1999-2002) Media and Communications & Asian Studies

Selected Academic Productions

Research Interests

Mobile learning, digital and emerging technologies, instructional design, curriculum and assessment in online learning, teacher beliefs and knowledge, teaching language methodology and approaches, and professional development.


Yates, N. (2011). Innovate Using Technology and Your Beliefs. In P. Davidson (Ed.) 17th Annual TESOL Arabia Conference Proceedings 2011. Dubai, UAE.

Yates. N. (2009). Wikis and Constructivism: Exploring the links. JALT CALL Journal, 4(3), 15-28

Yates, N. (2008). Promoting Autonomy in a Technology Teacher Training Course. In L. Cooker (Ed.) Independent Learning Association 2007 Conference Proceedings. Chiba, Japan

Yates, N. (2008). Developing Effective Communication Skills Through Role-Plays. Kanda University of International Studies Working Papers, vol. 5

Delgado, R., & Yates, N. (2007). A Survey Concerning the Use of Moodle at KUIS. The Journal of Kanda University of International Studies. no.20, 405-426

Lehtinen, B., & Yates, N. (2008). Using Video to coach peer feedback. In K. Bradford-Watts, T. Mueller, & M. Swanson (Eds.), JALT 2007 Conference Proceedings. Tokyo: JALT.


Invited Speaker

Yates, N. Mobile Devices as Language Learning Tools. 12 March 2014, TESOL Arabia Conference 2014, Dubai, UAE.

Ayoub, P., Collins, T., & Yates, N. [Panelists] The Flipped Classroom: A TESOL Arabia Panel Discussion. 12 March 2014, TESOL Arabia, Dubai, UAE.

Coombes, C., Waleed, N., Timmons., & Yates, N. Educators Creating Learning Opportunities. 12 March 2014, TESOL Arabia, Dubai UAE.


Yates, N. Designing Dynamic and Unique Mobile Learning Solutions. 25 June 2014, San Diego, USA.

Yates, N. Unique Mobile Learning Workflows: A Workshop. 17 May 2014, TESOL Arabia Mobile Learning Conference, Dubai, UAE.

Yates, N. Mobile Learning and Technology Integration Strategies for the Dynamic Classroom. 20-21 November, 2013, Embracing Mobile Learning UAEU Conference, Al Ain, UAE.

Yates, N. Contextualized, Situated and Sustained Professional Development of Mobile Learning. 6-10 November, 2013, POD Network Conference 2013, Pittsburgh, USA.

Yates, N. The Dawn of Creation: With Mobile Learning Devices and Language Learning Pedagogy. 22-24 October, 2013, 12th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning, Doha, Qatar

Yates, N. Change We Can Believe In: Innovative Professional Development. 17-19 April, 2013, iELT Conference 2013, Penang, Malaysia.

Yates, N. iPads and Academic Writing: Workflows for IELTS. 16 December, 2012, Higher Colleges of Technology’s iCelebrate Conference 2012, Khalifa City, UAE.

Buckingham, J., & Yates. N. Professional Learning with Twitter. 17-18 December, 2012, Zayed University Professional Development Conference, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Buckingham, J., Vanarsdale, R., & Yates, N. 21st Century Learning: A Discussion Panel. 17-18 December, 2012, Zayed University Professional Development Conference, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Yates, N.  Innovate Using Technology and Your Beliefs. 10-12 March, 2011, 17th Annual TESOL Arabia Conference 2011, Dubai, UAE.

Yates, N. Cultural Projects Encouraging Active Student Participation. 8-11 September, 2010, EUROCALL 2010, University of Bordeaux, France.

Yates, N.  Implementing a constructivist framework in a wiki project. 1-2 November, 2008, JALT 2008, National Olympics Memorial Youth Centre, Tokyo, Japan.

Yates, N. Professional Development: Empowering Teachers for the Future. 25-6 October, 2008, KOTESOL 2008 International Conference, Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea.

Yates, N.  Social-constructivism in the language classroom. 19 October, 2008, JALT Hokkaido 2008, Hokusei Gakuen University, Sapporo, Japan

Yates, N. Interaction in a writing class. 23-4 February, 2008, CamTESOL 2008, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Yates, N. Teacher and student empowerment through movies and TV shows. September 23, 2007, JALT Hokkaido Language Conference 2007, Hokkai Gakuen University, Sapporo, Japan.

Yates, N. Use of Moodle at Kanda University of International Studies. June 3, 2007, JALT CALL 2007, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

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