Workshop: Designing and Managing Online Courses

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 23.24.07I am humbled to have been asked to be an invited speaker to the 2015 TESOL Arabia Conference in the area of online learning. This is branching out into another area that I don’t usually facilitate “public” workshops on, though I have been involved in this area of instructional design for 1.5 years now within Zayed University’s post-graduate programs. It is certainly a good chance to spread my wings!

I really struggled with the format of this one. Initially I thought, well it would be great to facilitate an online session about this topic and model best practice. Immediately, I saw the error in my ways and then thought about using a LMS to structure the workshop and materials. However, it is quite a short workshop and felt that the extra layer of technology may be more distraction than added value. So in the end I have gone for a classic Keynote with accompanying handout to structure the workshop. In this case I am living my motto of choosing the right tool for the right pedagogical task.

For those who attended, thanks for coming! Please connect with me on Twitter @digitalemerge or via email (listed on the keynote and handout).



For those who are reading, here is a glimpse into the session. Feel free to download either of the attached files and thanks for respecting the creative commons licence.

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