What do you do? Scenario Based Learning

Given the task to transform learning, we wanted to ensure that students would be engaged with the learning through out the information literacy resource. We wanted to personalize the learning experience, to focus on student performance within information literacy and to integrate them and the learning within a contextually relevant story. After several ideas that were explored and then scratched for various reasons, we have settled on Scenario Based Learning.

There’s going to be close to 18 different modules and each module will be a scenario. The pilot scenario is that the user is a student who has been given an assignment and they need to start it. (The relevance to students’ lives astounds me: insert sarcastic chuckle here) The pilot module is really introducing the concept of why students’ should research and we have 3 learning outcomes along this path. Within this scenario, there are probably one or two correct learning paths with multiple offshoots that are incorrect and allow for students to become aware of negative choices. What drew us to scenarios was the ability to get students to cognitively engage with the content through the scenario and also on a physical level to interact with the scenario on the tablet. Our intention is to get students to be in control and move themselves through the scenario.

The choice is key to these scenarios and literally students can choose their own adventure: something that is very uncommon in eLearning resources in the Middle East thus far. Choices allow users to explore a concept with a character and to interact with them through users choice inputs. We like to look at them as scenarios within scenarios, to borrow a slogan from Inception.

We really hope that this will make the learning personalized. Students will feel that the story is tailored to them and that each time they go back, they could make different choices and have a different experience. Learning is also representative of the real world. The previous information literacy resource for our students is a static website that doesn’t connect students with the material. Students are also actively engaged in the scenario through making the choices and going along their own path throughout all the scenario branches.

Fingers crossed that this line of learning will engage and transform the learning!


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