A meLearning Information Literacy Resource


Our charge: To transform the current Infoasis learning resource for Information Literacy.

The brief: To develop a resource to promote awareness of and skills in information literacy for students with tablets. To pilot the process with the Information Literacy Specialist and to document the process.

There’s a team of us who will share and contribute in different ways and amounts across the duration of the pilot project.

  • Senior Mobile Learning Specialist: To manage the two sides of the project (library and the Center for Educational Innovation)
  • Information Literacy Specialist: the subject matter expert on information literacy
  • Faculty Fellow: An all rounder who will take charge of writing content and visual design
  • Instructional Designer: Responsible for the eLearning and mLearning design to transform students (users) experiences (me)

This is a pilot project and as such, we are piloting a number of different aspects.

  • The process of CEI members working with SMEs.
  • The process of transforming content and resources for tablets
  • The process of using eLearning software

At the end of this project we’ll be looking at scaling this, if successful, and implementing with various other projects. I am really excited by this project because it allows me the chance to develop my eLearning skills. We are in the middle of software testing at the moment and originally I had thought of Adobe Captivate as the better program but we are probably shifting towards Articulate Storyline. Part of this process will be to scale this to other interested faculty in our soon to be brand new media development center. It is my opinion that Storyline has an easier learning curve and there may be more teachers who want to get involved in making their own eLearning resources with Storyline.

The last thing I would like look at meLearning. I introduced this concept as part of my thinking here. This is an opportunity to explore concepts and angles of eLearning and mLearning and see if this holds any value as a term. In our initial brainstorming on how we might transform in an mLearning context, is how students can interact with the resource from anywhere at anytime but also how they can input their ideas, their answers and their opinions into the resource. How extensive or developed this aspect is will be determined by who is in charge of the resource. There is thought that a teacher, the writing center, the student run student support team, or library staff might be maintaining the resource in terms of updates and interactions. If there is someone on the other end of the resource, I could see more aspects of social and mobile learning coming into it but if not, then it will remain more of an eLearning project with autonomous learning only. I am excited to explore and perhaps document this as we go.




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