Apple Distinguished Educator: Class of 2013

swell lines

by Christopher#

Pumped up. Stoked. Frothing. Peachy keen as. As I said in my last post, I am an avid Stand Up Paddler and all these words spring to mind when I heard that I was joining the ranks of the Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2013 (Europe, India and the Middle East).I am extremely grateful and humbled by the invitation and will take this opportunity to learn from other professional educators and develop ourselves together. I have checked out the ADE community page and there’s a lot of worthy teachers there doing what is right by their students. That’s gold!

My plan is to go to Ireland this summer and be the ocean (my analogy here again stems from my paddling passion). The ocean is a natural, balanced environment. The tide comes in and goes out constantly. The waves hit the shore and then go back out to the ocean throughout undercurrents and rips. Swell comes to the coastline and wraps around reefs to adapt and change itself to the changes in the environment.

To put this in human terms, I plan to learn, grow and develop within the ADE community before, during and after. When someone discusses a topic or issue from their view, I’ll take it on board, reflect on my knowledge, beliefs, experience and context, and then keep the discussion going by responding, commenting and giving feedback. If I bring up a point from my perspective, I hope others ask me to continue and delve into the topic or issue with them by prompting me just like I would them. If something comes up, I’ll adapt and allow myself to take it on board. We need conversations, discussions and experiences like this to grow as a professional.

Cork, Ireland, here we come!

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